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  • No installation, setup or maintenance
  • Per-user or per-site licenses available
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  • Install on your own servers
  • Modify, extend and improve where needed
  • Support subscriptions available on-demand
  • MPL 1.1 Licensed
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Hosted FAQ

What's included in the hosted version?

Everything from the download version is included (or can be enabled) in the hosted version. This includes:
  • Complete issue tracking, with custom fields and workflow support
  • Full access to a wiki and collaboration tools
  • File uploads and wiki attachments
  • Source code management and hooks (git, mercurial, svn and cvs)
  • Email support - both outgoing and incoming
  • CLI support for remote operations
Note: File uploads are size-limited. For storage pricing, see the pricing overview.
Completely satisfied
If you're not happy after your trial period is over, you will not be charged.

What if I need help during the trial period?

You have the same benefits during your trial period as during a regular subscription. All support requests will be responded to within 2 working days, and critical issues will be handled as fast as possible.

A support contract will give you even faster response times.

What if I want to export my data when the trial period is over?

During the first three months we will provide you with a full database dump of your data for a small one-time fee (€49,-).

After the first three months, daily database dumps of your installation will be available from your account pages for all your hosted installations.

What happens when there is a new version available?

When you're using a hosted version of The Bug Genie, all upgrades are included in your subscription, and no action is necessary on your part.

Your contact person will be notified in good time before a new version is deployed on your installation, and can communicate this further where necessary.

Download FAQ

What's included in the download version?

The download version is the full software, as available from our source code repository. Nothing is excluded.

However, installation support, user support and troubleshooting is only available via a support contract, or via the community pages.

Where can I install the download version?

The downloadable version of The Bug Genie can be installed on any number of supported servers, as many times as you like. There are no activations, time limits or license fees.

What if I need help installing, configuring or using the download version?

We provide several support options - including email support and support chat - for users with support contracts. If you'd rather not pay for support, there is also a very active community in our forums, the live chat and on our mailing lists.

Under which license is the downloadable version available?

The Bug Genie is free, open source software. The downloadable version is available under the MPL 1.1 license (only). You can read more about this, here: the advantages of open source.