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Hosted The Bug Genie
Professionally hosted, worry-free issue tracking
Downloadable The Bug Genie
Awesome, self-hosted issue tracking
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More reasons to choose The Bug Genie
  • Worry-free hosting

    The hosted edition of The Bug Genie includes automatic upgrades, scheduled backup and no technical knowledge to set up. Securely and professionally hosted by zegenie studios.
  • Great support

    All subscriptions offer guaranteed response times, by our own experts. Also included is access to free training and instructional videos.
  • 2 free months with yearly subscription payments

    If you choose to pay yearly for any of our subscriptions, we throw in 2 months for free!
  • Supporting open source

    The Bug Genie is open source software and in addition to making sure our development process is transparent and open, The Bug Genie also uses several open source components.
    Our way of giving back is to make sure that all open source projects can apply for a free open source hosted account, benefitting both our open source friends and ourselves by making better software.
  • Free for small teams open source users

    The Bug Genie is completely free for small teams. Also, if you are developing, maintaining or hosting an open source project, create your free account and register for an open source hosted license via your subscription overview.

    In addition, anyone can check out the open source edition from GitHub and use it for free without limits.

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