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Testing The Bug Genie - Eptron to the rescue

For the 3.0 release, The Bug Genie team has cooperated closely with Latvian company Eptron to provide testing and source code analysis during the development leading up to the initial release.

The Bug Genie lead developer Daniel André Eikeland had a talk with lead software tester Kaspar Bērziņš from Eptron about how it's been like.

Most of you might not Kaspars, but he has been a regular for around a year already - mainly known by the nickname AlienZ.
You've been a part of the team now for almost a whole year - yet I don't think anyone outside the core developers know much about you. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Well, I'm 21 year old IT student from Latvia, now working as lead software tester for Eptron testing company. For the last few years open-source software has been my passion and testing The Bug Genie is my biggest contribution to the community so far.
Having registered about 40-something issues in our online issue tracker, often in contact with us regarding issues popping up during the live development and being a frequent visitor to our forums, Kaspars is almost a team member already.
How has the feedback been from the bug genie developers on the items you've reported, and concerns you've brought up?
I must say that The Bug Genie team has been very friendly and helpful at all times. I'm satisfied with responses I've got.

Speaking of your company - what made you guys want to get involved in testing The Bug Genie?
We were looking for a bug tracking system, which would be easy to use for both novice and experienced users - and would also have some advanced features. We had two candidates, that matched our criteria - Redmine and The Bug Genie (v2 at the time). Since Redmine was written in Ruby, it caused some difficulties with hosting, so we ended up with using The Bug Genie – and we've never looked back to any other bug tracking system since then. However, we still saw some space for improvements and so we joined in v3 testing.
We've never looked back to any other bug tracking system since
Back when Kaspars contacted us, one of the things he mentioned was the fact that his background from a dedicated testing company would be of great benefit to us.
So, tell us a bit more about your company
Eptron is a hardware and software testing company, based in Latvia. We've been in business since 2009 and we're currently working very closely with Celadon Hailstone Biometrics (CHB) Technologies. You can find more information about us on our website. Currently we have only a small number of employees, but we're planning to expand in future.
The effort Kaspars and his team put into testing v3 has been absolutely invaluable. We asked him a bit more about the testing process - tools, systems, documentation, etc.
How many testers have been involved in the testing on your end, and what has your testing process been like?
There were two testers involved in The Bug Genie testing - me and my colleague, Gundars. I was working with The Bug Genie most of my time (when I wasn't required on other high-priority tasks) and Gundars was assisting me when I needed more manpower.

Since we started our testing effort back when v3 had not even reached its beta stage yet, it was quite hard to create automated tests for it - features were always changing. Once we got to first Betas, I started to use a tool called Sahi to perform automatic regression tests on previously found issues. I also used a tool called Wapiti to perform automatic vulnerability scans.

The Bug Genie testing has been very intense (I also had some health problems during the testing period) so unfortunately, no documentation was created for our testing procedues except the issues registered in the online tracker. I wish we had more resources dedicated to this project, because The Bug Genie is a quite big system. I do expect more issues to come up during the first weeks after v3 final release, but I believe we did a very good effort to deliver the best version of The Bug Genie so far.
I believe we did a very good effort to deliver the best version of The Bug Genie so far
What was the main thing you got out of being so involved in testing The Bug Genie?
We had a chance to enhance some features and even suggest new ones - that's the main thing for sure! For example, we were missing an option to export search results - now it's there! I have also learned a lot about The Bug Genie v3 - I can set it up properly, use it with ease, teach others to use it and troubleshoot if necessary.
Do you think you will be involved in testing upcoming releases?
As long as there is a space for improvement, I'm willing to help (provided I have some free time ;) ). I might take a short break though. My immediate plans however is to work with some translations for another project.
All The Bug Genie team members have been much grateful for the work that has been done by Kaspars and his team at Eptron. We hope they'll stay with us for any foreseeable future!

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